The  Metes and Bounds of Knaresborough Forest

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From Stump Cross the Knaresborough Forest boundary passes overland, guided mainly by the ancient highway to Greenhow. It then follows the stream known as Greenhow Syke to a point where that stream changes direction and heads towards Pateley Gridge. After this, the forest boundary passes overland to join the watercourse known first as Padside Beck and then Darley Beck which guides the boundary until it reaches the Nidd at Darley.

The Knaresborough Forest boundary then follows this river (with some interesting detours) to return via Killinghall, the Nidd Gorge at Bilton and Knaresborough to the starting point of the perambulation at the meeting of the waters of Nidd and Crimple between Great Ribston and Walshford.

Thornthwaite Bridge on Padside Beck - looking out of the forest

thornthb 150 Nidd Gorge EPSN0025a

Nidd Gorge and Viaduct, Bilton

Local Ordnance Survey Map

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The source of Padside Beck