The  Metes and Bounds of Knaresborough Forest

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As it headed upstream along the middle of the the River Crimple the boundary of Knaresborough Forest was clearly defined by the water course but this clarity ceased at Pannal where the Crimple was left behind and the forest boundary then followed (approximately) a small stream (Buttersyke Beck) that was managed for water power and it is at the foot of this beck near the Crimple that boundary stone No. 1 was (and is) located. From Pannal the boundary followed Buttersyke and another stream (Baffle Beck) with an overland stretch between their headwaters, passing the village of Kirkby Overblow on its way to the River Wharfe which marks the southern boundary of Knaresborough Forest. From Netherby on the Wharfe the boundary headed upstream on the centre line of the river through Harewood until it reached Castley near Pool-in-Wharfedale at the western side of which the forest boundary turned northward heading for the Washburn Valley.

Harewood Br EPSN0017a 150

Harewood Bridge and the River Wharfe

Rougemont EPSN0024a 150 Wharfe at Castley HPIM0109a 200 Arthington Viaduct HPIM0108 200

Arthington Viaduct

The Wharfe at Castley

Embankment at Rougemont

Boundary Stone No. 1 at Pannal

(Photo by Steve Hoyes)